Materi Tes Bahasa Inggris (TBI) USM PKN STAN

TBI Bab-1

Present Tenses

TBI Bab-2

Past Tenses

TBI Bab-3

Future Tenses Causative

TBI Bab-4

Passive Voice and Question Tags

TBI Bab-5

Conditional Sentence and Subjunctive

TBI Bab-6

Appositives and Elliptical Construction

TBI Bab-7

Degree of Comparisons and Articles

TBI Bab-8

Reported Speech and The Use of Other

TBI Bab-9

Modals and Prepositions

TBI Bab-10

Inverted Sentence and Preference

TBI Bab-11


TBI Bab-12

Adjective and Adjective Clause

TBI Bab-13

Derivative and Phrase

TBI Bab-14

Noun and Noun Clause

TBI Bab-15


TBI Bab-16


TBI Bab-17

Infinitive and Gerund

TBI Bab-18

Reading Comprehensive